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an image of two fish on a blue and white background with a wooden spoon next to it
Ali | Printmaker&Pattern Lover (@3dottedpenguins) • Instagram photos and videos
a piece of paper with flowers on it and two cookie cutters next to it
a piece of paper that has been cut into squares
"Trash" Stamps
some red and white paper cut out to look like flowers on a table with a pair of scissors
two pieces of paper with black and white leaves on them sitting on a wooden table
a rubber stamp sitting on top of a blue and white patterned paper with circles in it
Coup de coeur / Le Tampographe : carreaux d'encre / (ATELIER RUE VERTE le blog)
Coup de coeur / Le Tampographe : carreaux d'encre / | ATELIER RUE VERTE le blog | Bloglovin’
an orange and blue pattern on a wooden table next to some other items that are sitting on top of it
make your own stamp
two pairs of scissors are next to a piece of art
lino stamp your linens
an orange and white background with circles
the table is covered in green and white paper with some scissors on top of it
an instagramted post about the fabric design
two pieces of blue and white art work on a surface with lines drawn across it