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This was a magazine layout design to meet study requirements. Web Design, Layout Design, Japanese Poster Design, Catalog Design, Infographic Design Inspiration, Pub Design, Publication Design, Graphic Design Fun, Graphic Design Layouts
Student project
This was a magazine layout design to meet study requirements. I have a passion for publication and love to solve the puzzle of creating imformation that is easy to read and nice to look at.© 2022 Linda Stanway. All images, artwork, designs and materials of this site are the copyright of Linda Stanway. All rights reserved.
an art gallery brochure with lots of colorful images
IN THE MIX // Oasis Middle School, Cape Coral [F:] #JOSTENS #LOOKBOOK2018 #YRBKLOVE
Decoration, High School, Smash Book, College Senior, High School Students, School Student, Student Life, 2016 Design
High school student life 2014 - Yearbook Discoveries
blue and yellow color scheme with flowers
How 2 Interior Design and Color Experts Use Sunny Yellows and Cool Blues to Brighten Up a Room — Better Homes & Gardens
a collage of photos with the words if you knew me, you'd know that
a group of people are running in the color run
an image of a family tree with pictures and words on the front, side, and back
Cedar Park High School
two people holding up cell phones and books with the caption'diagnosis severities'above them
"Show Stopper" #yearbook spread. Timber Creek HS, Fort Worth, Texas. 2014. Contains quotes from teachers on signs on senioritis.
three shades of purple and yellow with the words, nature grape sherylin williams
some people are standing together in front of a blue and white background with the words seniors with their deplassment siblings
a collage of different pictures with the words together as one on it's side
Hamilton Christian School Yearbook - 2011
John Munoz
a poster with trees in the shape of a triangle and text on it that reads manage art festival
6 Ways to Use Textures in Graphic Design: Resources, Tips and Examples - Depositphotos Blog