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Precious! Clever birthday display!!

Monday Made-It - Birthday Cupcakes and an Awesome Piano!

Made-It #1 Aren't these cute? I'm glad you think so... ...because getting to this final product was a nightmare! You know when you have a "great idea" but then you get started and that great idea transforms...many times. I'm not going to go into details, but I will admit that I spent about 2 hours total getting to this point and it took a friend of mine (thanks Sara!) to give me the idea to line them up in this straight line. Go ahead...laugh and make fun of me (Kristi). I will admit that I…

Birthday Display


~A paper crafter's direction~

Classroom Birthday Picture Chart {Free Printable}

Classroom Birthday Picture Chart {Free Printable}

The baby’s delightful teaching team asked me to help them out with their classroom birthday chart and I was excited to help. I mean, that’s a job for me if there ever was one! :-) You’ll need:Stand…

Birthday display

Posters and Pennants

This is going to be a super quick post as I'm pretty sure destruction of my home is happening as I type. Sometimes I think 22 first graders might just be easier than two little boys on a rainy day. A lot of people asked if I was going to offer my subway art, birthday chart, and pennants in my store. So I put it all together and have posted my Posters, Pennants, Classroom decor and more pack. Now this isn't one of those jumbo packs with name tags and all that jazz. It includes the following…

Birthday Chart: Have the children pose for their birthday month while holding a card with the day they were born!


It doesn’t matter if you teacher Preschool or Middle School, when a kid’s birthday rolls around it’s a big deal to them. In most places, the days of bringing in cupcakes to share with the class are over with, but it is nice to acknowledge their special day in a small way. First, decide what …

First Grade Fabulous Fish-great bday bulletin board idea!

Favorite Pins Friday!

I'm linking up with Cara again today for: Here's how it works. Pin like a crazy person through the week and highlight your favor...