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In December of 2010, a nature photographer checked on a trail camera he'd set up to film wild animals in a reserve in Morgan City, Louisiana. The camera was smashed, but its SIM card survived. When the photographer uploaded the camera's final images he was shocked at what he found. Instead of a wild animal, his camera caught the image of a ghostly, near-transparent humanoid figure.


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Spooky Scary Things

Spooky Scary Things

Every day is Halloween. I will not post anything that I find to be genuinely disturbing, gory, or something someone would not be able to view at work. This is a blog for the spooky, not for the disgusting.

There is no greater unsolved mystery in the history of the Chicago area than that of the Grimes Sisters -- who killed Barbara & Patricia and what happened to them over the weeks between the time when they vanished and their bodies were found along secluded German Church Road? And who haunts the gloomy stretch of roadway where their bodies were found? Have you ever run across a place that just seems to be bad?


I don't usually pin ghost related pictures because I think most of them are fake but this one just really freaked me out. Those hands are scary!

I don't usually pin ghost related pictures because I think most of them are fake but this one just really freaked me out. Those hands are scary!

Real Ghost Pictures: The Famous Black Monk of Pontefract Poltergeist case

Professional ghost hunter Mark Vernon has treated us to another of his paranormal captures. Taken on his latest paranormal investigation; The Famous Black Monk of Pontefract Poltergeist case. This stunning image was captured on Mark’s fourth visit to the location. For more paranormal evidence captured by Mark, click here. Submitted by: Mark, V | United ...

Swedish Hustomte: The Naturally mummified body of a swedish "Hustomte" or housegnome. dated 1866 ~Hustomten comes from scandinavian folklore and is a gnome that is said help the farmer and cares for the lifestock, he has a fierce temperament and is very traditional. If he gets upset he will bring misery to the household ~The label reads- "This litte housegnome was found by my father, Jan Peter Peterson, in the winter of 1866 inside the old barn wall. He was already lifeless ~ By Jacob…


Andrew Milburn was texting his girlfriend at the Leeds General Infirmary, United Kingdom, when he noticed a ghostly figure of a nurse in a Snapchat he took. There are numerous ghost stories connected to the hospital, many of which concern a nurse who haunts the wards, caring for her patients long after her passing.

13 Convincing Paranormal Pictures that Will Make You Believe (Vol. II)

What happens when we die? It’s the age old question that remains a mystery… or does it? We’ve previously collected 12 paranormal pictures that may help to solve the mystery, and while it’s true many so-called ghost photos on the internet are fakes created by accidental double exposure, lens flares, or pareidolia (seeing faces in objects). Every so often, you can come across a picture that can't be so easily explained away.

Myrtles Plantation Apparition Ghost Picture

Myrtles Plantation: Apparition Ghost Picture?

Is this ghost picture an apparition or shadow ghost on the Myrtles Plantation?

Ghosts - The latest news, photos, pictures and videos - Mirror

Are ghosts real? Do spirits exist? These are questions millions of people ask themselves each day, as we search for proof of what happens after we die. Thousands of videos and pictures exist claiming to be proof of ghosts - but none of them have so far convinced everybody.

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One of the most shocking, violent, and terrifying documented cases of paranormal activity is the San Pedro Real Haunting in which a Real Ghost was Caught on Camera Attacking people. Description from I searched for this on

Real Ghost Stories Images & Pictures

I'm always afraid this will happen to me.

Creepy Times

REAL Ghost videos caught on camera COMPILATION P.1 / Los fantasmas mas aterradores captados en video - YouTube


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eerie picture ghostly woman figure hovering reflection shuttle bus

Ghost caught on Security Camera!?