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How to take lavender cuttings Pesto, Gardening, Herb Garden, Planting Flowers, How To Propagate Lavender, Growing Lavender, Planting Herbs, Flower Fertilizer, Growing Plants
How to take lavender cuttings
How to take lavender cuttings
the white flowers are blooming on the tree
there are many potted plants in the planter
red and white flowers growing on the side of a tree with green leaves in front of it
Runner beans July 2019
green apples growing on the branches of an apple tree
green lettuce growing in the garden
Lettuces July 2019
green beans, tomatoes and watermelon sit on a metal grill grate outdoors
green beans, tomatoes and other vegetables are on display
Good runner beans 2015
three zucchini and two squash sitting on top of a grill
Fantastic courgettes this year 2015
some green leaves are growing in the ground
Glut of lettuce 2015
tomatoes and other vegetables growing in a pot
Tomatoes -August 2015
two potted plants with green leaves and purple flowers
Anthony's aubergines - August 2013
several potted plants are sitting on the ground
Anthony's chillies August 2013
a pile of green apples sitting on top of a table
Apple crop 2013