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an image of a blue bird made out of legos on a white background with yellow and purple circles
Tienda de Hama Beads y más
four different colored beads arranged in the shape of hexagons on a table
*COOL* Perler Bead Hexagons - Earrings, Ornaments, Gift Tags, Key chain, gift bags, party favors
four different types of beaded flowers on a white surface
Термомозаика для маленьких принцесс.
a heart made out of beads on top of a blue surface with a white hexagonal
Bastelideen zum Muttertag
a yellow and black beaded doily on a white surface with an intricate design in the center
Idée cadeau : des sous-verres à offrir en perles Hama - Modèles Hama
an image of a heart made out of legos
36 Perler Bead Crafts
two star shaped beads sitting next to each other on top of a black surface with red, yellow and blue dots
six pixellated images of cartoon characters are displayed on a white surface with the word family below them
Perler Bead Patterns Paw Patrol
several pixel keychains with different characters on them
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