katarina hammerås

katarina hammerås

katarina hammerås
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Honestly this looks the dogs, love the use of flowers to make it more interesting than something so forgettably minimal

Garderobbery by Pavel Ilyuk A really great depiction to the inspiration and influence of the rose garden packaging. Additionally, the sleek black background creates the perfect balance for the overall look. Oh, how I love stationary!

Eureka! That's it. Tin ceiling tile headboard!!! Finally, my quest is near done.

Another great example of how real Tin Tiles can be used as a head board to easily add a distinctive feature to your bedroom. [DIY - headboard out of tin ceiling tiles and shelving out of pipe]

Beer packaging takes inspiration from Pantone. - bottles, design, product, package, packaging

Beer packaging takes inspiration from Pantone. - I thought this was an interesting take on color used in advertising going from a "light beer" to a more darker color on the Pantone scale of beer