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An Awesome Innovation Mindmap for Teachers

Free resource of educational web tools, 21st century skills, tips and tutorials on how teachers and students integrate technology into education

Graphic Facilitation Provides Better Learning and Retention Through Visuals | Visual*~*Revolution

What is Graphic Facilitation? It’s taking information, whether from discussion, someone’s notepad or an annual report, and transforming it into something visual, organised and accessible. It’s finding the right mixture of words, illustration and design to capture a subject and make it memorable.

sketchnote manifesto #2 | Sketch notes, Visual note taking, Sketchnotes

Apr 16, 2017 - “The SketchNoteBook” – how to create SketchNote Preview : free download chapter 1 bit.ly/preview_SketchNoteBook Buy PDF Version bit.ly/SketchNoteBook_PDF_book Buy paper version bit.ly/SketchNoteBook_paper_book


Usage of 4 forms of verb in the Future Tense: 1. Future Simple 2. Future Continuous 3. Future Perfect 4. Future Perfect Continuous

the interactive map and database of the Worldwide Permaculture Network

43 Intricate Mind Map Illustrations - Hongkiat

For the uninitiated, a mind map is a graphical organization of ideas and concepts that can be used to facilitate the generation of ideas and the learning

Des astuces pour construire une carte

Il n'y a pas de bonne ou de mauvaise carte heuristique. Mais quand on débute, il est important de respecter certaines règles qui nous permettront de progresser plus rapidement. Ensuite, toutes les initiatives sont les bienvenues. Voici une carte qui résume comment construire une carte : Le papier : On utilise de préférence une feuille…

The Mind Map – Give your ideas a visual form: Novel Writing Prep Series

You have your idea. You've done your research. You know something about your main character. Maybe you've even taken a crack at your first scene. And now you're stuck... All those plot points we talked about in the 3 or 4-part narrative structure? You're having trouble coming up with plot points. You just aren't finding…

Learn Love Live

Learn Love Live Mind Map