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an image of different types of cheeses and other things in the shape of buildings
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ArtStation - Littles houses, Sylvain Sarrailh
an image of a tent set up on top of a table with other items around it
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Merchant's stall, Aleksandra Wojtas
a drawing of a small house with lots of details on the walls and flooring
Ted farm
Ted farm on Behance
a small wooden house with blue roof and green leaves on it's roof, next to a lantern
a small house with pumpkins on the roof and a windmill in the back ground
Pumpkin, Farmer's house, Goeun Kim
a house made out of lego blocks with a blue roof and green shingled windows
Some house
an image of a small house on top of a piece of land with pipes and tanks
Medieval brewery by AntonioNeves on DeviantArt
Like the large metal still next to the building, could pass as a generator.
an image of a small building that is made out of paper
Alchemy shop, Anton Mazur
ArtStation - Alchemy shop, Anton Mazur
a bunch of green trees and bushes on a white background with text that says,
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a bunch of different types of plants and trees in low poly style on white background
Adventure era
a green tree with numbers on it
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four different types of houses and trees in the style of low polygonic art
Side-Scrolling_map icon, WonHaeJu
an illustration of a tree stump house
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