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This one is not a fangirl theory. It is what I saw, when I watched the Thor-movie for the first time. I knew nothing about this movie. I didn't even know that it was based on comic-books. Therefore I was completely unaware of who was supposed to be good guys, and who was meant to be bad guys. And I saw this. After SUCH presentation I became totally unable to regard this character as a villain.

An alternate interpretation of Loki's motivations. Despite being a little too nicey nice, it actually tracks for the most part << The Loki Theory

Baker Street carousel. I love everyone's horse it shows their personality. <<< I want mycroft and greg have ones too! QnQ

I love everyone's horse it shows their personality. < John's is the knight!<<<Molly's is an average carousel horse, but it's still pretty and flowery. :)<moriarty has a crown XDDD

Ah, fandom love...

"Doctor Who has had more actors playing the lead character than Sherlock has episodes" - nearly twice as many, I might add. :/ This was when there were only six episodes and 11 doctors.