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two small owls sitting on top of wooden slices
10 Log Slice Wall Art Ideas You Would Love to Try
Amazing Interior Design 10 Log Slice Wall Art Ideas You Would Love to Try
two pieces of bead work are laying next to each other
Fourth of July Kids Crafts: Perler Bead DIY Coasters
Fourth Of July Crafts For Toddlers | Fourth of July Kids Crafts - Perler Bead DIY Coasters
a large white castle surrounded by trees and bushes
Villa Gamlehaugen, Gamlehaugvegen 10, 5231 Paradis, Norway
a large white building with a clock on it's side in front of some trees
Lysøen in winter. The Norwegian violinist Ole Bull's home outside Bergen. Photo:
a large white building sitting on top of a lush green hillside next to a lake
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Ole Bulls villa på Lysøen.
white flowers in front of a large building with a steeple on the back ground
Lysøen, Hordaland, Norway
a large gray house with two towers and purple flowers in the foreground on a cloudy day
Boat to Lysøen Island (Ole Bull's Villa)
Lysøen Island, and Ole Bull's Villa
a small boat sitting on top of a lake surrounded by trees
"Autumn Mood" -- [Lysekloster - Bergen, Norway]~[Photographer Ole-Henning Svendsen - October 5 2012]'h4d'1742012
an old stone building with grass on the ground and trees in the backgroud
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an old stone structure with moss growing on top
The old monastery
From the monastery "Lysekloster" in Bergen, Norway
an archway in the ruins of a building with moss growing on it's sides
From the monastery "Lysekloster" in Bergen, Norway
a stone bench in the middle of a grassy field
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Lysekloster Bergen Norway
the colorful houses are reflected in the water
Bergen Norway's Second City and the Gateway to the Fjords. Photo by…