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Synonym interactive white board

A pocket full of synonyms: interactive bulletin board. You can make this bulletin board with anything that has pockets. I found these colorful popcorn bags at a party store. On the outside of the pocket you place the "overused words," and inside are "impr

Other ways to say ... Said, Went, Scared, Big, Small, Sad, Happy, Saw, Next, Great, Good, Bad, Positive Character Words, Negative Character Words, Time Transition Words for Narratives and Transition Words for Information and Argument Texts. (16 page digital download) | https://lomejordelaweb.es/

This file consists of 14 WOW Word Posters, 2 Character Word Posters, one poster for Time Transition Words (for Narratives) and one poster for Transition Words (for Information and Argument Texts).