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Karoline Gjøen

Karoline Gjøen
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DIY Cozy Felt Fox Coffee sleeves from MichaelsMakers Lia Grifftih

Hand-Stitched Felt Fox Coffee Sleeves - Lia Griffith DIY Cozy Felt Fox Coffee sleeves from MichaelsMakers Lia Grifftih

DIY - Ombre tights x

diy gradient tights with rit dye. i like the purple and black! remember youd have to dip black dye over purple tights, you cant dye purple over black!

Yea Vic gosh....

shit Vic, you're in a band cx

No, bad fandom

I love how are fandom all calm and what not it like:Yeah we have a soft and sassy Satan he was awesome and we want him back.Go Satan! <<< who sang this in the soft kitty, warm kitty melody?

I used to be scared of hot topic, but now, I'm just like "yeah, yeah, let's just get to the hot topic."

It didn't take me long to fall in love in the movie. I think Mavis and the bunch are just adorable. Hotel Transylvania makes a perfect birthday party theme as well as perfect Halloween party for the kids! I have come with some ideas that will.


I've never been in a Hot Topic shop they don't exist in my counrty. XD Lol guys this is just for jokes, shop wherever you want and buy whatever you want. This just had 2 of my favorite things, Alice in Wonderland and Hot Topic so I had to pin.


What world do you live in?<<<And what books are you reading? Cuz most of the ones I like don't have these so-called happy endings…

Hot topic is divided in two. The front has all the pop culture youtube vid fandom stuff, and then there is the back with all the band merch. I hate going in hottopic and seeing all these hipsters who have never even been past the one direction shirts and has never listened to the bands there

Actually, *Hipster walks into the back of Hot Topic*

They made him taller!!!!!!!! :33333

Can't fool us silly fall out boy

This is amazing

Singer: Patrick Stump Bassist: Mikey Way Drummer: Spencer Smith Lead guitarist: Jack Barakat