Karl Kristian Hansen

Karl Kristian Hansen

Karl Kristian Hansen
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Beacon Technology Teaches International Students About Their Surroundings - RFID Journal

The University of Lodz has adopted the SmartUni app, which enables its international students to better understand their surroundings and receive updates, announcements and schedules based on their location on campus.

10 Uses for iBeacon at Events

10 Uses for iBeacon at Events - Event Industry News

IBEACON _ _ _ _ _Apple iBeacon technology applied to classical art in Antwerp Museum

Prophets has created a prototype with Apple iBeacon technology in the Rubens House in Antwerp. We´re breathing new life into the ancient works of Peter Paul…

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival has integrated beacons into its app, in order to help participants with easy mobile payments. NFC and iBeacon technology both offer easy mobile payments. Find out which one is better and why

Coachella 2016 Announces Apple Pay and Square Support, Exclusive Prize Deliveries With iBeacons

The Ultimate Guide To iBeacon: Everything From The Basics To Real World Use Cases

Detailed iOS iBeacon app tutorial with complete coverage on what is iBeacon…

Wendy's recently integrated iBeacon technology with their app, thus increasing the efficiency of their drive through restaurants. Find out how you too can plan and execute a beacon strategy

Learn everything there is to know about beacons and successfully launch your beacon pilot.

Mitte: Gesagt getan! Auf geht es nach Berlin Mitte. #Mitte #Berlin #Spruch >> berlin-mitte ♥

Kategorie Walls: Notes an Wänden in der Hauptstadt Berlin.

Il Punto in Berlin

Il Punto in Berlin