Karin Myren

Karin Myren

Trondheim, Norway / Assisterende butikksjef ved Meny Moholt. **more to come
Karin Myren
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kitty  Jump?

"Deep down inside, we are all motivated by the same urges. Cats just have the courage to live by them." --Jim Davis (Creator of "Garfield")

Cute Red Pandas  (via funnywildlife: Que Bello)

Red Pandas are hands down the most awesome creature on earth. I will LITERALLY fight someone if they disagree with me on this issue. Also known as the FireFox yet not realy a fox but a bear

Concept for Dodge Charger RT Hemi

Concept for Dodge Charger RT Hemi.this would be great if they build it. I drive a now, but I would own this car