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two people dressed as hamburgers and french fries, one holding a giant burger in the other's arms
Katy Perry and Taylor Swift
two women with lollipops in their mouths and one holding an orange lollipop
Katy Perry Has Changed So Much Since Her First Single In 2008
a woman holding up a box of lucky charms with a surprised look on her face
This Week's Cutest Celebrity Candids
two women dressed in costumes standing next to a giant hamburger and fries
Katy Perry's Hamburger Costume Has Us Wondering When the Heck the "You Need to Calm Down" Video Was Filmed
a black and white photo of a woman pointing at the camera
Shot my official *MOVIE* poster last night! SO EXCITED. Check the film TRAILER: http://bit.ly/IRGmPI #americangurl
Katy Perry - #KP3D
a woman in a pink dress standing next to a vending machine
Katycat's Club
a woman in a red dress and white hat holding her hands to her face while posing for the camera
a woman in an orange costume is walking down the street with a handbag on her hip
Katy steps out as a hot Cheeto at Kate Hudson's annual Halloween party.