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Another pinner said: This is funnier when you watch hetalia axis I powers <---- this is way funnier if you've watched hetalia lol

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 53 Pics

So a few months ago I was on my period and my dad kept sneaking bars of choolate under my bedroom door then ran downstairs shouting "Satan has been fed".

teacher meme - Google Search

How you feel when the teacher uses your name in an example. But only if it's a good example.

Ballet dance meme lana del ray funny

It irritates the snot out of me when people call turns in dance class "spins. A spin is something anyone can do because there is no control; anyone can spin around like an idiot.

You got perfect feet! Oh... you don't dance. Shame. Such a shame.

You got perfect feet! Such a shame. Especially since dancing would give your feet much joy. Although if you don't know what jete step assamble seasone is then you are not qualified to be a dancer