plaid A line skirt... | Street Fashion

ISO 18 or Brooklyn Belle Skirt. Between the brownstones and bookstores, Brooklyn browsers will find a stylista looking intelligent and adorable in this plaid midi skirt - and its you!


Top 10 Chic Sewing Projects - DIY Inspiration

Tendance Sac 2018 : Sew your own unique and eco-friendly shopping bags! Sewing Tutorial www.

Chicken Legs - Socks with Norwegian pattern in Karisma by DROPS design

I've gotta say, there's nothin' like a good pair of Norwegian socks! // DROPS Easter: Knitted DROPS socks with Norwegian pattern in ”Karisma”.

Ravelry: Flying butterfly socks pattern by Aud Bergo

Flying Butterfly Socks - Flyvende Sommerfugl sokk pattern by Aud Bergo

Ravelry: Norwegian Girl Sweater pattern by Katrine Hammer

Norwegian Girl Sweater pattern by Katrine Hammer

Smuk islandsk sweater, der findes i et hav af størrelser. Hvis man er god til mønsterstrikning, er det bare at kaste sig ud i den. Ellers er den måske god at øve sig på.

Ravelry:Afmæli one from most popular pattern soon in my wardrobe

Black and white Scandinavian pattern knit wool socks, custom made. Sold on Etsy. Shop: TatianaOrlova.

Back to school Black-and-white warm autumn Scandinavian pattern knit wool short socks CUSTOM MADE