ahhhhhh luv...Hattifattar mittens by Soile Peltokangas on Raverly.

Hattifattener Mittens

Scandinavian knit mittens  skandinaviskt färgstickning mönsterstickning vantar

Selbustrikk+S.Anderson-Freed Colorwork Creations: 30 Patterns to Knit Gorgeous Hats, Mittens and Gloves+Swedish Handknits Selbustrikk

Mittens of Latvia Ravelry: Vidzeme, Bauni, p 8 pattern by Maruta Grasmane

The chart contains an error that is present within each of the large motifs. Two squares near the top of each hexagon are not coloured. Notice that the top of the hexagon is not symmetric with the bottom and the error will pop out.

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