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a list of things to do in the spanish language, including clothes and other items
Listas para empacar maletas de viaje
a pink check list with the words in spanish
Viajar por primera vez en avión y lo que DEBES saber
Recomendaciones para tu primer viaje en avión #mesteval #viajes #travel #leeyviaja #mochileros #viajarsolo #checklist #avion
an image of the text in spanish and english
He creado un tutorial en youtube para aquellos alumnos que están haciendo una tesis, universa, o tesina. Realmente esta completo, en este t...
an intricately painted peacock sitting on top of a tree branch
A design guide to make your own paper quilling peacock design. No tools needed. I only used a toothpick with a small slit on the back to roll up the stripes of paper. So don't be scared about quilling. Try it!! :) By Nuwanthika Deshapriya
Tips para tus estudios