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The original colors and meanings of the Gay Pride flag. At the time this was created, pink was a hard and expensive color to make, so it was dropped from the flag. The two blues were also combined to save production costs.

Hahahahhaa this seems accurate enough!

Pan for me, but also asexual. I almost never want sex, and would be perfectly happy with someone our whole lives while never having sex of any kind.<<< We would be great friends I'm asexual and pan or bisexual I'm still deciding on that part

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We respect and validate all identities at Planned Parenthood

Your identity is valid even if you're not entirely sure what it is.<<<Thank you for this chibi-ghost-mun.

Just so we are all clear

also, people who like/are involved with more than one person at a time are not cheaters, and heterosexuals are not dull. Polysexual=/=pansexual, and everyone deserves love.

Recently I saw a screenshot of a tumblr post. In the image below, it covers a few points as to why switching from LGBT to SAGA is a really good idea. Overall, I totally support this and I hope...

SAGA: the new term for the LGBT community and movement since it is more inclusive with the gender and new sexuality part