Kim Andersen

Kim Andersen

Timetraveller. Survived the coming of the Great Sparrow of 2058, and the ensuing apocalypse. Travelled back in time to rectify the wrongs and warn people of th
Kim Andersen
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Apparently, pipe tobacco came along right after Eve.

My pipe never says, "Not tonight , Dear." Instead, in minutes we are smouldering in delightful congress, bringing joy for at least an hour.

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I used to post pictures of (mostly) Authors, Artists, photographers, and Film Industry legends enjoying the leisurely smoking tobacco pipe as well as vintage pipe tobacco advertisements and ephemera.

1962 ad: Bond Street Pipe Tobacco

The pipe smoker's miscellany. Tidbits, tips and trivia on the art of pipesmanship. How to Cake a New Pipe.

She may look clean, but… Pick-ups “good time”. - She may look clean, but… Pick-ups “good time” girls, prostitutes, spread syphilis and gonorrhea. You can’t beat the Axis if you get VD.

"Psychologists say each time you deny yourself a cigarette when you want JOLT your nerves. Now you can smoke all you want!" ~ No Jolting necessary, until you get a look at that X-Ray!

Vintage cigarette ad, extolling the virtues of new "mint Julep cigarettes and - above all - warning that denying yourself one cigarette is a jolt to your nerves!now why would the tobacco company say that?