Kamilla Ellefsen

Kamilla Ellefsen

Kamilla Ellefsen
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balloon bunting - The Burlap Bag (use a threaded needle to string the balloons)

This is smart: Balloon bunting. Blow up balloons and tie a knot. Use a needle and dental floss to string balloons together. Hang 'em up! No more need for helium. by mollie

FOCAL POINT STYLING: Talk Derby to Me: DIY Derby Style Entertaining Ideas

{DIY Bow Tie Napkins with Utensils} I just think this is such a great idea for a baby boy shower or birthday party! DIY bow-tie napkins around utensils wrapped with polka dot bow ties

Baby shower game: Guess my belly size

Baby shower game: Guess my belly size.cute way to do the traditional game. she would kill us if we did it. but i like how they pre wrapped the string vs waiting forever for people to cut string.maybe use yarn?

Free printable baby shower games

Use our FREE printable baby shower games for your shower! We offer each baby shower game for you to print for a boy, a girl or a gender neutral baby shower.

Unexpected Baby Shower Gifts

30 Unexpected Baby Shower Gifts That Are Sheer Genius Baby Shower/ New Momma gift idea. This is so nice:) 30 Unexpected Baby Shower Gifts Th.