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Her Name is Zan, She’s of american and chinese decent. She’s bacially my own mascot. A friend of My other character, griffin boy. no one really know where she came from, but people always known her.

Anime Art

(Open RP I'm the girl. Be the one to heal her heart. Any gender is fine) I stitch my heart he had broken me. He had left me for dead. I need someone to heal my heart before I die. I look around the park in hope of an idea as I tie the stitches carefully.


Gurren Lagann is quite a different experience for a fan such as myself. When I started the series, I had 2 things in mind; "If the plot suc.


ankle cuffs barefoot blonde hair boots brooch butterfly capelet flower gloves hat hat flower highres jewelry lamp long hair open mouth original petticoat pisuke puffy sleeves shirt shoes removed short sleeves skirt smile soaking feet solo splashing s

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"How Does Cosplay Keep Getting Cuter & Cuter?

Hoshii Miki (3)

Beautiful anime artbook from The Idolmaster uploaded by kazika - Sexy Hoshii Miki