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three bulletin boards with different types of lights and words written on each piece of paper
Groundhog Day Throw Back
TEK 5.6C (RS) Demonstrate that light travels in a straight line until it strikes…
the 7 ideas to teach light with pictures and text on it, including an image of a
5 Phenomenal Ideas to Teach Light: Reflection and Refraction in 5th Grade — The Science Penguin
7 Ideas for Light-- video clips, activities, vocabulary, a free sort, and a free periscope project
glow in the dark party supplies for kids
The Best Glow in the Dark Games, Activities and Food - The Idea Room
glow in the dark bubbles
two people sitting at a table with cell phones
Light Experiments #STEM
three pieces of white paper with red and black handles on them sitting next to each other
Does Light Travel in a Straight Line?
Does Light Travel in a Straight Line? Activity
three small plastic toy animals sitting on top of a white sheet with the words shadow drawing
Shadow Drawing For Kids
Try this hands-on physics experiment to see how light travels in a straight line.
there are three jars with water and measuring tape on the table
Science Matters
Which size jar keeps the hot water hot for the longest time? Can be tied in with the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, if you're so inclined.
thermometers are labeled in different colors and words on lined paper with writing
Science Notebooks
Here's a nice idea for a notebook entry on reading temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit and making connections to hot and cold.
a notepad with words written on it
States of Matter Science Activities for Kids
Squarehead Teachers: States of Matter Science Activities for Kids
four bowls are sitting on a green tray
Blog Archive » iceblock melting race
Ice Melting Experiment. Wrap one in aluminum foil, one in newspaper, put salt on one, and leave on alone to see which one melts the fastest.
the best and worst insulators worksheet for students to practice their writing skills
Heat Experiments
FREE insulators recording sheet! Excellent lesson plan!
the light sound and heat activities for kids
Light, Sound and Heat!
Bring light, sound and heat alive for kids! 10 hands-on and motivating science centers and activities. Perfect STEM projects for preschool, kindergarten or first grade.
two plastic containers filled with water and ice are sitting on a table while a woman holds her hand over the container
Hot Air, Cold Air Science Activity
simple science experiments for kids