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Leah: Unnoticed. Unwanted. Unloved. - For Him and My Family
Leah is such a sad character in the Bible. We often think of her as “the other woman” or some other harsh term, when really she deserves our compassion because she did not get a choice in her life. This book will give you a look at Leah that you have never seen before. In this book, Leah gets the happy ending she deserves and that we all secretly want for her. I love that it takes the Bible in and makes it the core of the story. The author fills in details as much as possible from history
the cover of rachel and leah's book, contented or glamourous
Sharon Wilharm | All God's Women
a purple background with the words jael stepped out on faith, on purpose, and without fear
"Jael stepped out on faith, on purpose, and without fear" ~ Liz Curtis Higgs "Really Bad Girls of the Bible"
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Jael in the Bible (meaning of the name, characteristics and lessons learned)
the cover of hannah's book, a model prayer
Hannah's Prayer For a Child
Hannah: A Model Pray-er – Sharon Wilharm – Host of All God's Women
Mary and Martha Bible Stories: A Time to Grow and a Time to Give Friends, Ideas, Mary And Martha Bible, Biblical Womanhood, Christian Faith, Mary And Martha, Christian Encouragement
Mary and Martha Bible Stories: A Time to Grow and a Time to Give
Mary and Martha Bible Stories: A Time to Grow and a Time to Give
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Thou God Seest Me—The Story of Hagar in the Bible
Can you even imagine how difficult it must have been for Hagar to submit to slavery to a jealous mistress? Yet Hagar obeyed God. Click through to find out why and how she was able to do so. | Bible study Genesis | Ladies Bible study | Surrender to God | Women of the Bible |
a woman with a flower in her hair and the words asenath wife of joseph
Asenath, Egyptian Wife of Joseph
Asenath - Sharon Wilharm | All God's Women
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Vashti: Villain, Victor, or Victim?
Women's Bible study about Vashti in the book of Esther.
All God's Women episode about Zeresh: A Bad Advice Wife Shiloh, Ruth
Zeresh: A Bad Advice Wife
In today’s episode of All God’s Women we look at Zeresh, our final woman in the Women of Esther series. Zeresh gave really bad advice to her husband and paid the ultimate price because of it. #Biblestudypodcast #Biblepodcast #podcastsforwomen #womenoftheBible #womenintheBible #Biblewomen #Christianwomenpodcast #womensministry #OldTestamentwomen #podcastersofpinterest
Bible Scriptures, Bible Teachings, Scripture Study, Bible Preaching
What you never learned about the Proverbs 31 Woman