LED - indirect lighting techniques (Optolum brochure)

how to install cove lighting. led indirect lighting techniques optolum brochure how to install cove

Concrete wall collection by Tom Haga

Oslo Wood, studio lamp with a tripod base. This lamp was created after a walk in the forest. The designer noticed the way the light was filtered through the trees, which is reflected in the lamp shade.

BOXY L+ LED, Interior and Exterior Ceiling Surface mounted spot by Deltalight

Boxy LED Ceiling light White by Delta Light - Design furniture and decoration with Made in Design

Birdy- northern lightning Orient- light years

Birdy- northern lightning Orient- light years


With a table lamp you can easily create a cosy ambiance in your living room or elsewhere. You can also use a table lamp as a reading light.

Pantop lampe Futura

Lampe de table Pantop / H 52 cm - Panton 1980 Cuivre - Verpan