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Karin Holand
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fresh cranberry ginger vanilla margaritas (with sugared cranberries!) I howsweeteats.com

fresh cranberry ginger vanilla margaritas (with sugared cranberries! A little involved as 7 make your own fresh cranberry juice and ginger vanilla syrup, but completed it's tasty, pretty, and colorful

german easter egg tree - Google Search

Germany Of the many Easter traditions observed worldwide, the Easter Bunny is one that enjoys immense popularity and appeal. It traces its origins to Germany, where the story of the egg-laying rabbit

25 Ways to Tone Your Abs Without Crunches

Let's be honest: crunches aren't the most exciting of exercises. And they're not always the most effective way to tone your abs anyway. If you're bored with your sit-up routine, here are 25 fun and effective moves to mix up your workout and tone your