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KaffeBox Specialty Coffee Advent Calendar

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Specialty Coffee Advent Calendar (by @kaffebox) Dec 21 Delicious Santa Rosa Costa Rica with flavours of tropical fruits and cherries by @koppi_roasters. Very nice! #kaffebox #kaffeboxjul #25cupsofchristmas #specialtycoffeeadventcalendar #koppiroasters by lastguest_hh

So I know I'm late but I wanted to get the last one in before the new year (central time zone). The last coffee of the @kaffebox advent calendar was the Panama La Esmeralda Geisha roasted by @coffeecollectif. This geisha was really tasty but honestly the aeropress doesn't really do it just justice especially when you use a two person recipe. this geisha was one that had most of the qualities I expect from a Panama geisha but not explosive. Which is ok. Anyway this #kaffeboxjul advent…

Christmas Day misfortunately is a sick day .... Thanks people for whatsapp-ing messages like " Drink more water No coffee" I do follow part 1 religiously but are you kidding ? no coffee !? .... I revisit those dates I skip in the advent calendar this Costa Rica Sumava from La Cabra gives a soothing mouthfeel with some lemon taste note I tend to believe coffee can be a cure to my very bad cold now by mademoisellemii

@kaffebox #kaffeboxjul day 23 is here and it is the Guatemala La Esperanza roasted by @damatteocoffee. FINALLY!! Guatemala is not one of my favorite regions but I have been waiting for it the whole time. In America I think that a large amount of roasters have beans from there on their rosters but I am surprised that this is the only one in the whole box (I know what day 24 is)! Certainly a lot of African coffees which is fine but the box certainly has more than I thought it would! This…

Day 22. No pictures of the coffee or the process but pictures of some grinder cleaning. I love my #orphanespresso Lido 1 but to take it apart and clean it is a huge pain. I try to take it sort and clean about every other month or so. Sometimes when I take it apart the burrs shift and I have to find a new zero point but it's built like a tank. I don't think I would ever need to replace it. Such is the trade off. Anyway this #kaffeboxjul is the Kieni Kenya from @coffeecollectif. Super nice…

The last but not least package remains unopened until tomorrow's arrival. It has been a caffeinated-joy to taste all 23 of these coffees one last time before the end of the year. Fantastic idea Tyler from @kaffebox hopefully we will see it again next year! Happy Holidays to you and yours! Xx #kaffeboxjul #julkaffe2015 by k_magyar

This was yuuuuuummy! #Julekaffe #kaffeboxjul #kaffebox by karolinelien

Specialty Coffee Advent Calendar (by @kaffebox) Dec 23 Busy days before Christmas Eve with La Esperanza Guatemala by @damatteo with notes of chocolate and plum very balanced. The perfect coffee for those days. #kaffebox #kaffeboxjul #25cupsofchristmas #specialtycoffeeadventcalendar #damatteo by lastguest_hh

Day 22: Coffee makes happy Good Coffee lets me smile today's Kieni Kenya is intensively fruity and best booster for the 2nd last crazy workday before holiday by mademoisellemii

Today's morning play session has been complete with all of its pieces along with a Kieni Kenya from @coffeecollectif #kaffeboxjul #22nddayofchristmas #legoswithyourcoffee by k_magyar