Little owls

Little owls. you couldn't ask for a better art shot if you could stage it


Lovebirds I recently ran across some photos taken in 2008 at the Wild Animal Park (now the San Diego Zoos Safari Park) on my external hard drive, so I though Id post a few -- like this shot of two affectionate Macaws.

Owl on the beach - Africa Geographic Magazine Blog

Whilst on holiday at the coast Anja came across quite an unusual sight on a beach near Walvis Bay - a little African scops owl sitting on the sand!

Survival by Peter Stahl

Great Gray Owls' scientific name: Strix nebulosa, which means nebulous, clouded, or foggy.

(8) Tumblr

”Helping Dad Guard The Hole” by Judylynn Malloch - Burrowing Owls.

Great Gray Owl Impeccable hearing to locate prey, feathered snow pants to stay warm, and talons to break through ice are just a few characteristics that help great gray owls hunt effectively in the snow.