Telemark bunad - my maternal Grandma is from this area.

National dress(bunad) from Norway. This one is called "beltestakk" :-) If I could choose a Bunad from wherever (you should always buy one who is connected to where you or your family comes from) I would totally buy this!

Fargerik bunad from Øst-Telemark.

Looks like fabric on the bias sewn as a tube with cording inside.


Bridal costume (bunad) for rent at Almankås in Bø in Telemark County - www.

The “fashion show” started and the bride from Telemark looked like a fairy tale. Her head dress is called “lad”.

Traditional wedding dresses for bride and groom, In Norway the bride traditionally wore a crown.

Telemark- detail

National costume (woman) from Telemark county, Norway - detail