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How to Stuff a Dog Chew Toy | CHEWSday Easy Stuffable Dog Toy recipes - YouTube
someone is holding a bowl with some food in it on a marble counter top next to an orange and white coaster
Quick and easy Dog lickmat recipe idea | Pumpkin + Mackerel Fish
Summer Lickmat idea for dogs
Summer heat is on full blast here today ☀️ So this is what we’re doing today! Frozen lickmats! Some enrichment + a cool treat = happy 🐶🐶🐶🐶
Ditch The Bowl | 8 creative ways to feed your dog
Have you ever thought about ditching your dog’s bowl? Ok ok, maybe not for every meal but did you know changing up the way you feed your dog from time to time is actually really good for them? Dogs have a strong seeking/hunting instinct and when they work for their food, they get a rush of neurochemical called dopamine, which is a reward chemical that makes them happy. Here are a few creative ways to switch up meal time for your dog 1. Puzzle feeders are a fun way to get your dog using their brain. Your pup will love figuring out how to get their food out! 2. Hide food in a snuffle mat for your dog to sniff and find. Snuffle mats are also a super fun and easy DIY project for us humans :) 3. Instead of using a bowl, scatter your pups food on the floor for them to collect. 4. Me