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Canterbury Angleterre

Canterbury Angleterre



Door with beveled glass ♡

Sweet heart shaped window, distressed paint and beautiful painted flowers make this door so welcoming. What appeals to me about this door is that it reminds me of Mexican hearts (with wings, a crown, etc)

Home architecture

25 Beautiful Doors and Entryways from Around the World - Cube Breaker

I love the intense blue...

Bright Blue Door with Decorative Sunflowers in Dhobi Ghat, Mumbai, India

Beautiful purple!  Love the arch and the way the wisteria falls above

Beautiful purple! Love the arch and the way the wisteria falls above

Lone Peak Lookout, Pearson Design Group ~ almost a medieval look to this door

Pearson Design Group offers a broad range of design aesthetics, which is reflective of our inventive and creative spirit.

bluepueblo:Unicorn Portal, Edinburgh, Scotlandphoto via sharon

Amazing how this lavender door picks up on the pink tones of the brick walls to look inviting and piques your interest as to what is behind this charming entrance

Cherry Blossoms and a Lilac Door (location unknown). I love the look of this, though I doubt my husband would ever let me get away with that color.

I WILL own an art nouveau house! Art nouveau in cobb house with recycled bottle and plate stained glass


A beautiful blue baroque door St. My favorite color is purple but you've got to appreciate it.