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Sunrooms capture the best of the outdoors—being close to nature and soaking in sunlight—without the downsides (like bugs and extreme temperatures). Just looking at photos of them can take your stress level down a notch

Windows, light, space and Island.

I'm not all that great at cooking-- but I am great at dancing around the kitchen for hour with baby Paul Ezra :)

Little layers we love. Explore Winter 2015 at http://www.countryroad.com.au/shop/child

she wanted a bright pink elephant at the market but I just couldn't convince myself to buy it for her since it doesn't vibe with my instaesthetic, you feel? so we got her the lovely pine one instead 🐘

Ivory white painted piano - Hmmm... I may do this!

Whether you can play or not, if you have the space, an old upright piano looks rather splendid painted white or cream and used for displays. The benefit is you could learn to play too .


this would be cute in the living room with her loot crate toys.they can be on display kinda.

25 Cool Indoor Dog Houses | Home Design And Interior

I love this under stair indoor "dog house." Its out of the way and it even has a window. What more could a dog want? I do want this somewhere,so that while we are gone,they can look out of "their window" and watch for our return.