More ideas from Andrew
Pocket Edition Blacksmith Village + Mushroom Island Seed. Seed:verycold

Cool Blacksmith Village seed for Minecraft PE. Spawn is beside a blacksmith village and a mushroom island biome! for MCPE.

Minecraft PE floating village seed: marabell

Village seeds are cool. Island seeds are cool. How about a Minecraft PE Seed with a village that takes up the majority of an island.

Stronghold and Mineshaft beneath Village Well. Minecraft PE Seed: LALAJOX

The abandoned mineshaft in this Minecraft PE seeds is cool (we thought cool enough) but then we found it intersected with a stronghold, too!

Island Jungle Temple for Pocket Edition

An island jungle temple seed for Pocket Edition version and better. You spawn within a few blocks of the jungle temple!

Ice Spike Seed for MCPE. Seed: HOIL

This Minecraft PE ice spike seed starts you off in a cold biome overlooking a frozen river that takes you to the ice spike plains.

Jungle Temple Spawn seed for Minecraft PE. Seed: FRANKLIN

This is a very cool jungle temple seed for Minecraft PE. From spawn, you're just a minute or so from the jungle temple!