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two people posing for a photo with the caption saying waiting for my hot vampire boyfriend
mmm 🤤
a woman in a white dress with the words school is running me on her chest
my whisper
I'm like "there's ur man" then he turns around 💀💀
a child looking at a computer screen with the caption victorious
andre is kinda 😩
two girls standing next to each other with the caption greek mythology is the og gossip
a woman holding two trays of cupcakes with the words tbh i want a boy best friend
Taylor Swift, Funny Quotes, Literally Me
Really Funny, How I Feel, Hate
a woman standing next to a man in front of stairs with the caption y'all are so childishish for hating on her just because you like selena
a woman in a blue dress standing on stairs with her hands behind her back and the words, the dress ate, the makeup didn't
im afraid the makeup ate her 💀 • mine • 05.08.24 • no tags bc i dont wanna blow up yalls phone 💀• #whisper #metgala2024