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Aesthetic Colored Abstract Ink Explosions

Drawings by Dr. Propulus

Dr. Propolus Treats Serious Fashion Photos with Lighthearted Doodles

Vintage Vogue

Reproduction of the vintage Vogue Italia cover featuring the lady in pink. Available+in+both+print+(unframed)+and+ready+to+hang+mounted+canvas.

Says every person who ever discovers the truth in something. Be brave enough to stay, learn, & grow from what you learned.

Bazaar Australia September/2008 #UmaThurman

Uma Thurman - Harpers Bazaar Magazine [Australia] (September - Bazaar Mag put the grove in Groovy from cover to cover --my all time fav mag.



Digital Art Computer generated processing art posters by artist and motion designer JR Schmidt. More Images on WE AND THE COLOR

Infuse some magic into your night-out beauty routine by adding star-shaped glitter in a freckle pattern or stamp a few around your eyes.

These Are The Most Popular Holiday Beauty Looks On Pinterest

Star Freckles - This Whimsical Beauty Trend Takes Glowing Skin To New Levels - Photos