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In an aquarium - Palythoa Polyps

Coral - Zoanthid - an interesting design to adapt to Natalie Chanin patterns rather than using an enlarged stencil

❤Lightning Maroon C;lownfish

Lightning Maroon Clownfish: The lightning Maroon Clownfish is a one of a kind truly stunning clown fish that was caught off Papua New Guinea (saltwater)

golgi apparatus.

Golgi apparatus of eukaryotic cells functions in protein synthesis. I loved my molecular biology class and love this photo. Now, how to incorporate cell structure and cellular functions for my class?

Streptococcus cells

Few of us have camera capable of photographing stain of Streptococcus cells that look like orange balls on a velvety royal blue background.

vibrant giant clams

The Maxima Clam(Tridacna maxima) also known as the Small Giant Clam or the blue-lipped clam is one of the most widely recognized species of giant clams. The beauty of its mantle with its rich variety.