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R2-D2 USB Car Charger

Car Accessory For Star Wars Fans – USB Car Charger - Aromeco Air Freshener Car Wardrobe Freshener Toilet Freshener Room Freshener Handbag Freshener Scented Sachet Luxury Fragrance - Berries, Delight, Tropical Present Pack of

. . . staaatistics. (However, not ALL my friends have some form of mental illness . . . Some have personality disorders!) ;) GraphJam -graph by unknown

So true! Lol Although, not all my heroes have some form of mental illness.some of them have personality disorders ;-) Most people don't realize that to get a math degree you don't need statistics, but to get a psychology degree you do.

How non-math people try to justify their lack of understanding: state a fact, then slowly scale back to the truth.

"Keep in mind that the margin of error in about 98 percent" I feel like all political polls should have to say this.