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the cover of kibbeh recipe on a plate with vegetables and sauces next to it
Kibbeh Recipe Tutorial
Kibbeh Recipe Tutorial | TheMediterraneanDish.Com. Kibbeh are more than meatballs; they are Middle Eastern croquettes made of bulgur wheat, ground beef or lamb, onions, pine nuts and earthy Middle Eastern spices. They can be fried or baked for the perfect appetizer or side dish. See the authentic recipe and step-by-step tutorial on
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a table topped with plates and bowls filled with food next to cups of sauces
Yemini chicken mandi smoked rice
Arabic chicken mandi
two sandwiches cut in half on a plate with dipping sauce
Make Savory Martabak / Murtabak
How to Make Savory Martabak / Murtabak Recipe
some fried food is sitting on a napkin
some food that is sitting on a white plate and has been cut into small pieces
Frasiga filodegsknyten fyllda med fetaost och persilja, perfekta som tilltugg.
a bowl filled with soup next to lemons on top of a green cloth covered table
Adas bhamoud (chard and lentil soup)
Another traditional Lebanese soup, served also as a main dish due to its powerful ingredients; featuring chard, lentil and potato. A hearty soup, full of iron, protein, fibers and vitamins, suitabl...
how to make amazing persian chicken and rice
Chicken and Rice (Morgh Polo)
The Ultimate... the BEST Chicken and Rice recipe ever is this Persian Chicken and Rice (AKA Morgh Polo). It's a MUST.
a large pita sandwich with meat and vegetables
Lamb Shawarma Recipe
Arabic Food Recipes: Lamb Shawarma Recipe
two plates with rice and lentils on them, one is being spooned out
Delicious Mujaddara
This delicious Mujaddara recipe is an entree made with rice, lentils and rich spices for an easy middle eastern dish that will wow your family for dinner. #ad #SaboreaTuVerano
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two pictures showing the steps to make vegan tasty sauce with cucumbers
Super Easy Vegan Tzatziki Sauce
Super Easy #Vegan Tzatziki Sauce
a bowl filled with lentil soup and topped with vegetables
Moroccan Chickpea Lentil Soup (Harira)
This marvelous Moroccan Harira Soup is the special you need in your life. So taste, simple, and 100% vegan and gluten free. Make in one pot or one pan.
meatballs with tomato sauce in a pan and on a plate next to a serving dish
Izmir köfte - Delicious baked Turkish meatballs with vegetables
İzmir köfte (Turkish meatballs with potato and tomato sauce) - recipe / A kitchen in Istanbul
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an egyptian mint limeade cocktail in a glass on a table with text overlay
Egyptian Mint Limeade Recipe
The tastes and flavors of the Middle East are hard to beat, and this Egyptian Mint Limeade is no exception. I traveled to Egypt in 2006 and was pleasantly reminded of this refreshingly tangy beverage while recently visiting friends. The sweet and sour flavor combination that fans of limeade crave is deliciously complimented by the... Read More »
two flat breads with pesto on them and a spoon in the middle one
Man'oushe: Za'atar Flatbread
Lebanese flatbread with herbs, sesame seeds and sumac
there are two pieces of meat in the pastry on the table next to each other
Ramadan Mubarak: An Algerian Iftar
Ramadan Mubarak: An Algerian Iftar (Recipes for bourek, Algerian soup, bread)