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PewDiePie & CutiePieMarzia. My other favorite YouTube couple

Being a bro this is an amazing and adorable picture to see! Pewds and Martzia are so cute together!

We <3 Pewdiepie&CutiepieMarzia

Awwwww thats so cute, pewdiepie, Edgur(his dog also has a dog named maya) and his girlfriend marzia, or cutiepie

Things to say to kids at end of the day.

See you later Alligator In a while Crocodile Bye bye Butterfly Be sweet Parakeet Give a hug Ladybug See ya soon Raccoon Out the door Dinosaur Take care Polar Bear So long King Kong Blow a kiss Goldfish Toodle loo Kangaroo

My next hair color! Now if only my hair would grow a foot over night!

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