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Half Sleeve Tattoo Design Ideas for Women

I'm in love with this tattoo

Infinity Tattoo - - Love Life Tattoo - I love the shadow on the feather

Funny that's what I told the guy I wanted , yet I ended up with something that my lil nephew could have drawn. This is awesome!

Ok this is pretty cool. Girl butterfly tattoos on back shoulder. that is gorgeous! I'm not into butterflies but this is one awesome tattoo!

Little guy

Don't like the color but he's cute! blue-owl-tattoo-on-arm.

Cute !!

flower tattoos, flower sleeve and flower arm tattoos.

10007461_645191302218209_1368921991_n.jpg (600×803)

This would be neat to get for my dad.the pic would be of me on my dads shoulda when I was little and the balloon would be a dragon fly.

Love hint of color. baby Elephant Tattoo

Tattoo Mania Love hint of color baby Elephant Tattoo so cute

Skull Art by Xrista Stavrou (2013)

Skull Art by Xrista Stavrou I want this in my house! Or as a tattoo

A perfect tattoo!

skull and flower thigh tattoo design

#ink #tattoo #hateskin

I love this sleeve, but this art is gorgeous. Quote "You know you're in Love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your Dreams"