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Juliane Tverberg

Juliane Tverberg
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5 Ways to Explore Place Value Concepts

Looking for ways to increase the rigor of what you do with place value? So many textbooks ask students to do too much "fill in the blank" work.see how these 5 ideas might help you have a little fun AND improve your students' math understanding!

Mental Math Freebie--2nd grade math

Operation and Algebraic Thinking: This would work with addition or subtraction mental math and what more and less means. This would be beneficial for students in grades 2 through

Teaching Multiplication Shortcuts

Teaching strategies for understanding multiplication isn't enough. Students need to also be taught multiplication shortcuts so they can learn their facts!

Iskald is – doble og finn riktig pris! | Begynneropplæring med Runar

Iskald is – doble og finn riktig pris!