Hand knit turtleneck dress, BANDofTAILORS, Etsy

Hand Knit Women turtleneck dress sweater coat jacket women made to order hand knitted women's dress sweater cardigan clothing handmade

FruStrik - Kjole, lang sweater, sweater, islandsk uld, håndstrik, handmade, Fru Strik

Icelandic Lopi Sweater - Big Star, via Etsy - chunky soft long grey sweater w/ white snowflake / star intarsia motifs

❆❤ yes i believe that i need this sweater...let the hunt begin... ❤❄❤ Dale of Norway Lappland Sweater Women's (Black)

let the hunt begin. ❤❄❤ Dale of Norway Lappland Sweater Women's (Black)

Image result for mariuskjole

Image result for mariuskjole

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