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I am soo seeing this happening because it suits him so well, next to Iggy rocking the hell out of his guitar of course!

I can imagine them being vampires about to go to a ball or something~ Aph Canada, Fem!China, Fem!Russia, Fem!France, Fem!England and America!

Nyotalia versions of China, Russia, France, and England; and Alfred - Art by おうし座布団 on Pixiv, found via Zerochan

hetalia comparison | hetalia season 1 4 and season 5 comparison by kuro21blackhawk fan art ...

Hetalia Season 5 titled: Hetalia: The Beautiful World is coming out in January This is just something that come up into my min. Hetalia: Season and Season 5 Comparison

Hetalia Reference part II by Mezzochan.deviantart.com on @deviantART - One of two Hetalia character reference charts, listing names, heights and "birthdays": the Allies. The square brackets indicate head-canon bits that were added due to official information being unavailable.

Hetalia character reference charts, listing names, heights

Russia, France, America, England and China - Hetalia --------- wrath = Romano and sloth = Greece

Hetalia Allies being convicted of the deadly sins - Russia (Greed), France (Lust), America (Gluttony), England (Pride), and China (Envy)