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Elephant in graphite by Spectrum-VII

This is just a quick project I drew as a gift for some friends in Asia, who very kindly gave me a tour of the local sights and provided me with a place . Elephant in graphite

12 Canvas Painting Ideas You Can Easily DIY

DIY canvas Tape geometric shapes with painter's tape Paint inside them with acrylic paint For the glitter, use mod podge for the base an then add glitter on top. Wait for it to dry completely and remove the tape. Paint mod podge over the

Melted Crayon Art Elephant Blowing Water by TreatYourselfCrafty

I like this image because In this image it expresses the feeling the painter had during he or she was painting it Jose Marquez

30 More Acrylic painting Ideas which are Helpful

And, how to NOT commit those mistakes along with the most important tips and awesome Acrylic painting Ideas to cherish the pleasure of painting generously!