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a drawing of a man in a yellow shirt surrounded by clutter and other items
Mattias Adolfsson
a drawing of an industrial building with clocks on it
Albert Kiefer on Instagram: “Somewhere in Kanda, Japan. Inspired by @masktnak Used with permission. #sketch #fineliner #sketchcollector #mastersketchers…”
an assortment of different colored fish on white paper
Like patterns? Love colors?
watercolor painting of blue and green beads hanging from the ceiling
My Society | Society6
String Of Pearls plants watercolor 2
Crazy about paint pens!
Paint Pen Color + Acrylic Painting
three blue roses are shown against a white background
Jamie Greenberg Pomeranz on Instagram: “Blue bouquet looking sharp until— wait for it... wait for it... DRIP. DRIP. DRIP. Don’t forget to change your pipette once in a while…”
a blue and white painting with a sea horse on it's back legs, in the water
a painting of a man and woman flying through the air with a dog on their back
Marc Chagall (1933)
a woman sitting in front of a tree stump
Static: - Awesome 12' mache troll
An amazing creation by an amazing artist. Tree Troll Sculpture by Kim Graham.
a painting of a hamsah with an eye on it
Hamesh Evil Eye by Pristine Cartera Turkus
hamsa, hamesh, evil eye, protect, protection, protector, see, watch over, judaica, jewish, star,david, tree, tree of life, jerusalem, prisarts, pristine cartera turkus, sun, bar, bat, b'nai, bnai, mitzvah, confirmation, religious, fish, pomegranate, star of david, israel
a colorful tree with lots of colors on it
Colorful tree
the tree of life - full of color, full of joy #art
a painting of two people dressed in formal wear dancing together, with palm trees behind them
Redirect Notice
Pierre Auguste Renoir
Girl with a Watering Can - Pierre-Auguste Renoir Renoir Art, Toile, August Renoir
Girl with a Watering Can, 1876 - Pierre-Auguste Renoir -
Girl with a Watering Can - Pierre-Auguste Renoir