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Don't cryyyyy Sammy!

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Supernatural Hahaha, so true!

Supernatural Hahaha, so true! But imagine them shiress at the same time! I would die 'cause of their sexiness

EW Halloween shoot

EW Halloween shoot

J2 highfiving with their feet. Like they didn't even say anything. Jared was past Jensen so couldn't see that Jensen lifted his foot. They just *knew*

It looked like jensen was trying to jokingly kick jared in the bum but jared just knew it was about to happen

Ähnliches Foto

I know this is a painting or edit but it looks like it's from the show

nickirosetta ✧ pinterest

I think Dean has always tried to protect Sam from John in a way. He gave Sam a Christmas so that Sam wouldn't think his father had lied and I just think he doesn't want Sam being hurt by his dad anymore.

Sam Winchester quotes

Sam Winchester one liner gif set. "You're too precious for this world." Oh I'm rolling in a pool of my own tears this is too funny. And Sam if Dean's short then I'm a legal midget!