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a small town on the edge of a lake with mountains in the background at sunset
Bayerische Semmelklösse Recipe
HALLSTATT AUSTRIA. Don't forget when traveling that electronic pickpockets are everywhere. Always stay protected with an Rfid Blocking travel wallet. for more information.
a train traveling past a tall cathedral under a cloudy sky
Top tips to have the best European train trip
Passing by The Cologne cathedral in Germany by train, with our Eurail pass in Germany
a lake surrounded by trees and mountains
an aerial view of a castle in the middle of trees with fall foliage around it
Neuschwanstein Castle - Allgau - Bavaria - Germany
'Neuschwanstein Castle in Autumn Colours Allgau, Bavaria, Germany, Henk Meijer Floydian, photographer! #inspiration #LuxuryTravel Definitely on the list of places we here at Anatomie want to go to!
a large white castle sitting on top of a lush green hillside next to a forest
Neuschwanstein Castle // Everything You Need to Know Before Your Visit
Neuschwanstein Castle // Everything You Need to Know Before Your Visit •
an old european street with the words, the schloor & bitcherstrape bremen - germany
Two unique Bremen attractions | Travel Breathe Repeat
Exploring two unique Bremen attractions: the Schnoor and Böttcherstraße; Bremen, Germany
a castle on top of a hill with a bridge in front of it and trees around
Adventurous Life
Neuschwanstein Castle Germany | Joonas Linkola | #adventure #travel #wanderlust #nature #photography
a person walking down a snowy street at night with buildings on both sides and cars parked along the road
Snow in Rothenburg, Bavaria, Germany
a stone bridge over a body of water surrounded by trees and rocks in the background
#rakotzbrücke #germany
a mountain lake surrounded by green grass and wildflowers
Beautiful Schrecksee by Dhani Barreñor / 500px
Beautiful Schrecksee Tannheimer Tal, Germany.
the mountains are covered with green grass and blue lake in the foreground is snow - capped peaks
Schrecksee, Allgäu, Bavaria
a path in the middle of a forest with red leaves
The Black Forest, Germany
Travel: The Black Forest, Germany
a scenic view of the mountains and water from above, with snow on the ground
Lars Röttgers
Lake Königssee, Bavaria, Germany | by Lars Rottgers on Flickr
a large white house sitting on top of a lush green hillside next to a lake
Peaceful lake, Bavaria - Germany
Peaceful lake, Bavaria - Germany