Rust and turquoise...

Abstraction finds identity with shapes

Rust and turquoise.oooohhhh, if I could paint a piece of furniture to replicate these colors/ into painting?


Gorgeous shawl knit from handspun yarn! I knit this pattern and it was really fun, but I didn't use handspun like this. by debbie


How to clean and organize your craft room. Ideas for saving space and time. Run small strips of wood down the wall, lean paint bottles against wall. I need to do this, for my nail stuff and my crafts!

Textiles detail

Textiles detail - would love to do this by stitching down some slubby nubby textured yarn over seams.


To know more about Yumiko Higuchi Wool Flower visit Sumally, a social network that gathers together all the wanted things in the world! Featuring over 52 other Yumiko Higuchi items too!

Strawberry Santas

Santa Claus Strawberries: With just a little whipped cream and some ripe strawberries, an ordinary dessert gets a Christmas makeover. These Santa strawberries are a perfect accompaniment to all of the sweets on Christmas day!

Sara Kelly Art Quilts: Grand Canyon Sunrise 26"w x 39" h

Sara Kelly Art Quilts: Grand Canyon Sunrise x h.String or strip quilts can be simple or quite complex, as this example shows.


Crochet Inspiration ~Crocheted rectangles joined with simple crocheted chain.♥ A Sophie Digard design.

Artifex Almanach: Sue Benner

Artifex Almanach: Sue Benner (TOH Affiliate Artist) - Through Our Hands